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Amidst the Wuhan-originated COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown has been imposed all across India which has affected normal functioning of life. Schools are also closed during this time in accordance with the law, leaving students at risk of losing their valuable learning time as a result. Realising this some educators in our community have begun providing online classes for students to keep them on track.

Maths Teacher
Senior Maths Teacher (TCV Gopalpur)

Mr. Dawa Teaching Maths on Facebook

Mr Dawa uploads learning material to Facebook so that his students' studies do not suffer due to the lockdown. Mr. Dawa was further motivated by the positive feedback he had received for this initiative where he posts content regularly: https://www.facebook.com/bhu.dawa.52

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Regular class
TCV School Ladakh

Teaching Goes online

TCV Ladakh school is leading other Tibetan schools on this front, the teachers are providing daily online lessons for senior school students to make up for the suspension of regular classes.

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Tibetan Language
Munsel, Based in the USA

Tibetan language learning platform for Tibetans in the West

is a collaborative initiative founded by 3 Tibetan-Americans - Delha, Ngodup and Norbu in 2017 to serve as a Tibetan language learning platform for Tibetans in the West, holding weekly 10 minute lecture videos and 50 minute live discussions with native speakers as guides: https://www.facebook.com/TheMunsel/

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Learning Resources for Primary School
Department of Education, CTA

Learning resources for primary school children

The CTA's Department of Education have prepared online learning resources for primary school children and have advised parents and guardians to keep their children engaged in studies during this break.

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