The Novel Coronavirus, which originated from China, has till now claimed more than 21,000 lives globally. COVID-19 and the ensuing lock down fundamentally have changed our life in more ways than we can imagine. The big question that is being asked is what we will do while sitting at home 24/7. Won’t we get bored ? Fair question but the truth is that in every adversary there are plenty of opportunities. So here are Ten things to do, while under social curfew. some of which you may want to try it out or you can create a list of your own.

1.   Reconnect with Family and friends and Senior Citizens.

Talk to your family or friends and connect with them. Talk to 

 senior citizens in your community and help them if needed. 

2.   Support at least 1 daily wage earner and his or her family.

Try to help a daily wage earner in your community or with some 

campaign going on, no matter what the size of your contribution. 

3.   Learn A New Skill.  

Learn some skill that you have always wanted to have like 

playing guitar or anything.

4.   Listen to Music. 

Listen to songs because it lifts up the mood and makes the curfew 

stay pleasant. 

5.   Watch Old Sport.

You won’t be able to watch new sports as lot of it has been 

postponed due to the COVID-19 but you can always watch the 

great moments in your favorite sports.

6.   Read lots of books. 

Read lots of books, it can be anything you like, news paper or 

novel or scientific journal or biography etc. 

7.   Play Board Games with Family.

Play Board games with your family member and cement the 

bonds stronger and create beautiful memory as opportunity like

this comes rarely. 

8.   Fitness (Yoga, Home Exercise).

Do Yoga or Home Exercise and maintain your health.

9.   Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Life.

Enjoy the small things of life like listening to birds chirping or 

making your favorite dish etc.

10. Silent Prayer and then catch up on sleep…

Pray to God for your family and friends and all the people out 

there suffering due to COVID-19. Catch up on the sleep you have 

lost by enjoying the comforts of beds. 


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